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Vista IT Solutions (VITS) is a leading Managed Service Provider, a provider of Cloud Solutions, Network Solutions and IT consulting in USA.
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Vista IT Solutions, LLC
475 South Main Street, Suite 5
Cheshire , CT , 06410 United States
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At Vista, we know that preparing for a disaster has to be part of the plan. That’s where Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) comes in. Replicating your organization to the cloud as a fallback can save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars and can give you peace of mind knowing your company will be safe if disaster strikes.

Business Continuity

No matter what kind of disaster occurs, Disaster Recovery as a Service is your ideal solution for disaster recovery. Your organization will be up and running due to its replication in the cloud, and your team members will be able to work from anywhere.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) & Replication

Recovery Point Objective (RPO), or the amount of data that can be lost before significant damage is caused, is decreased due to continuous backup of data to the cloud. With DRaaS, worries about data loss lie in the past.


Disaster Recovery as a Service is more reliable and faster than traditional disaster recovery approaches. The Recovery Time Objective, or the amount of time a system can be down before significant damage is caused, is decreased as failover solutions with DRaaS are rapid and flexible.


Unlike other disaster recovery options, Vista can continually review your DRaaS and make easy adjustments. This is due to the scalability of DRaaS, which can grow or shrink as per your organization’s needs.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

We follow a holistic approach towards business continuity and disaster recovery services and help you assess the current state of your organization. We offer optimally sized disaster recovery services solutions for our customers to meet required RPO/RTO including tracking systems availability/up-time.

Disaster Recovery as a Service
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