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Learn About Hybrid Identity Solutions

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Hybrid Identity:

Let’s have a Q&A session

1. What concerns you more about the security standards and protocols? Do you have a priority list? 

2. What resources do you share with your customers and partners, how do you manage their access and security? 

3. In what ways access and identity management has become more complex or costlier? 

4. Are you using any identity Management Solutions? 

5. How do you manage, organize and provision the applications for your remote employees? 

6. Which cloud infrastructure and services are you using? Are you following any cloud road map? 

7. How do you offer the right access to the employees along with ensuring optimal security? 

Hybrid Identity: Overview and Advantages 

Azure Active Directory refers to a cloud-based identity and access management solution. It allows employees to sign in, or access internal/ external resources of the organization including cloud applications or on-premise applications. 

Maintaining the credibility of business information: The business information is safeguarded with multi-factor authentication and is only accessible through role-based credentials. 

Connecting to the workforce: You can connect the workforce to the required application from any location. 

Easing out the access and identity management: You can get easy access across your enterprise with a single platform. 

Connect users and applications to AzureAD to secure sign-on from different locations 

You can secure single sign-on and access from almost anywhere. AzureAD can help you:

  • Offer secure sign-on, inclusive of integrated cloud applications. 
  • Enforcing multi-factor authentication. 
  • Allowing self-service password reset. 

We hope this blog gave you useful insights for Selling Hybrid Identity Solutions. Contact us now to know more. 

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